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Best co-working Canggu, Bali

Awan connection : Laptop-friendly coworking space for Digital nomad in Canggu

At Awan Connection, we understand that the modern workforce is constantly evolving, and that the traditional office space is no longer the only option for professionals. That's why we offer a variety of flexible workspace solutions to suit your needs, whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or a small business owner.

Our co-working spaces are designed to foster a sense of community, where you can socialize, collaborate, and connect with other like-minded individuals. With a great atmosphere and a diverse community of remote workers and creative minds, you'll find it's the perfect spot to unleash your creative juices and get some serious work done.

Private offices provide a professional environment for your team to work in, ensuring that you have a dedicated and secure space to focus on your business goals.

Virtual offices offer you a prestigious business address without the need for physical space, allowing you to maintain a professional image for your clients and partners.

Our location in the heart of Canggu, away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, makes Awan Connection the perfect place for digital nomads and business travelers alike. You'll be just 2.5 km away from Echo Beach and 3 km from Berawa Beach, giving you easy access to some of the best beaches in the area.

If you need a break from work, our on-site F&B services, including a coffee shop serving delicious coffee and healthy food options, are available to keep you fueled throughout the day. You can also enjoy smoothie bowls and other delicious treats while working in a relaxed atmosphere.

For those looking to stay active, we offer a range of amenities including a large pool, yoga sessions by ADDA YOGA, and access to Fitness Avenue and Canggu Studio at a discounted rate. We believe in taking care of both your work and well-being.

Our co-working space is equipped with high-speed internet, making it a great option for those who rely on fast and reliable connectivity. You'll have access to unlimited high-speed internet, ensuring that you can stay connected and productive.

The building itself is designed with sustainability in mind, and you can enjoy the lush tropical gardens, palm trees, and views of the nearby rice fields. We are also committed to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly workspace.

We offer various membership options, including monthly memberships and day passes, to cater to your specific needs. Whether you need a space for just a little work or are looking for a long-term solution, we have you covered.

Our facility includes air-conditioned meeting rooms, conference rooms, and an open coworking space with high ceilings, creating an ideal environment for collaboration and productivity. There are plenty of power plugs, ensuring that you can always stay powered up.

With a vibrant cafe scene nearby and beach clubs just a stone's throw away, you'll have plenty of options to explore and socialize outside of work hours. Plus, being next door to Pepito supermarket makes it convenient to grab any essentials you might need.

In summary, Awan Connection is not just a coworking space; it's a community of professionals, a hub for creativity and collaboration, and a place where you can balance work and well-being in a beautiful and sustainable environment. Join us today and experience the best of Canggu's coworking scene.​​

Canggu is located in south coast of Bali in North Kuta. It is among the most fashionables places in the entire island.  Canggu boasts of having top locations for shopping, relaxing, practicing yoga and healthy eating restaurants making it a top tourist destination. The beach clubs, coffee shop, restaurants, boutiques, barbershops, galleries and several other stylish establishments makes Canggu a perfect place for families, couples and solo travelers. 

Location of Awan Connection 

Awan Connection, a coworking haven providing F&B services, virtual offices, private offices, co-living and coworking spaces is situated in prime Canggu location away from the traffic. It is 2.5 km of Canggu beach and within 2.5 km of Batu Bolong beach. 

Why Canggu Is the Worldwide Capital of Digital Nomads

You can never separate Canggu from digital nomads. This charming and laidback neighborhood of Seminiyak is a top destination for agile workers.  Here are reasons why Canguu is considered to be a worldwide capital of digital nomads. 

Plentiful Coworking Spaces

There are several coworking spaces and cafes with working areas that support digital nomads in Canggu. Most of the coworking spaces well equipped with high speed wifi, comfortable seats and tables, great food and beverages to sustain you when working. 


Most of the Canguu business owners can communicate in English. With English being a dominant language across the world, fellow digital nomads will not have any problem communicating while in Canguu. 

Convenient Transportation 

Movement around Canguu is quite easy. You can request a taxi online or ride a scooter at a reasonable price. 

Proximity to Adventure and Nature 

Canguu overlooks the lush tropical gardens, beautiful beaches and great destinations that will ensure you have a memorable experience. For example, Canguu is 30 minutes’ drive to Seminyak and Tanah lot, 1 hour drives to Ubud and 2 and a half hours to North Bali. 


Canggu is well known for its vibrant and fun loving lifestyle. Situated between the beautiful beaches and the rice terrace, visitors will definitely enjoy having a peaceful walk through the rice fields, surf at the beach or lazy around. There are several bars, restaurants, cafes and night clubs to spice everything up. 

Tropical Weather

Canguu experiences both rainy and dry seasons since it is located in the island of Bali. The rainy season is between October and March while the dry season starts from April and ends in September. This makes Canggu a great spot for a tropical nomad.

What Is A Co Working Space?

Coworking space refers to a neutral area where people from different walks of life can assemble to work on their respective projects. It is great for digital nomads, freelancers, those working remotely and small startup teams who do not want to spend a lot in hiring offices. It is different from the usual office working space since people in a co-working space do not work for the same company unless they are a group. 

Coworking spaces consist of similar amenities as those in normal offices together with a lot more. Printers, good wifi speed, conference room are some of the things any actual coworking space. However, unlike in normal offices, you do not have to sign a long term lease when in need of a coworking space.

Difference between Co Working Space and Working Cafés

In the past, most freelancers and entrepreneurs used working cafes as their preferred working destination. However, coworking spaces are breaking the old stereotypes. In this section, we will be looking at the differences between coworking spaces and working cafes. 


Cafes generally have a great ambiance despite not being tailored for work. Most cafes such as zin café and crate cafe lack dedicated power plugs and the high-speed internet is not that reliable for those who will be working online. 

However, most popular coworking spaces are tailored to suit remote workers, freelancers and online workers. They have plenty of plugs for every person. The ambiance is specifically designed to suit remote workers ensuring minimal disruption and reliable wifi connection.Community 

One big difference between a working amazing cafe and coworking area is the community each offers. In the best cafes the surrounding will comprise mainly of people who have come to quench their hunger. In contrary, coworking spaces are full scale nursery of entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. There will be uninterrupted flow of information and ideas among the new friends. 


Coworking spaces are in a league of their own when it comes to laptop-friendly places. In most cases, essential amenities like unlimited access, guest reception and much more are almost free. There are also a host of other facilities such as private meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc. that will help in increasing productivity. Working cafes lack most of these essential features. 


Is it possible to have the café personnel organize a special meeting room for you? What about if you are in need of a private room to make video calls? Will the café be willing to organize all these for you? In open coworking spaces, flexibility is never an issue. They can accommodate your requests on the go. For instance, there is an open space offering shrinkable and expandable conference rooms. 

Offer of AWAN connection

  • Workspace: There are flexible plans ranging from the hot desks all the way to private rooms or office. 

  • Conference Rooms: There is real time availability for all the air-conditioned meeting rooms

  • Online Member Network: You can connect with other members easily. 

  • Benefits and Discounts: All the members will enjoy discounted credits, rates and several other benefits according to their membership plan. 

  • Events: Connect and learn in our curated meet ups and events

Prices / Services

Private Office

Private office is an excellent option for those who are in need of some privacy. Here are the prices that come with renting a private office:

Daily Basis: 550k IDR 

  • Great Wifi-Access

  • Meal Voucher: 40k IDR 

  • Beverage Voucher: 35k IDR

5-Day Access: 2500k IDR 

  • Fast Wifi-Access

  • Meal Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR 

  • Beverage voucher: 5 x 35k IDR

  • Access to Zoom Room (Upon Requuest

Monthly Basis: 9000K IDR 

  • Wifi-Access

  • Swimming Pool Access 

  • Member Discount: 10% in canteen

  • Meeting Room Access 208:   12 hours

  • Beverage Credit: 15 Tea/coffee/Beer

  • Meal Voucher: 500k IDR 

  • Zoom Room Credit: 20 hours (Upon request

  • Safety box (Upon Request) 

Above 6 Months: 8000k IDR

  • Wifi-Access

  • Large Pool Access

  • Member Discount: 20% 

  • Safety box (Upon   Requirement) 

  • Zoom Room Credit: Unlimited (Upon Request)

  • Meeting Room Access 208:  20 hours

Co Working Space

Daily Basis: 150K IDR

  • Wifi-Access

  • Food voucher 40k IDR

  • Focus Room Credit: 1 hour

  • Drink voucher 35k IDR

5-Days: 700K IDR

  • Wifi-Access

  • Drink Voucher: 5 x 35k IDR

  • Healthy Food Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR

  • Focus Room Credit: 5 hours

  • Meeting Room Access 208: 1 hours

Monthly Basis: 2.200K IDR

  • Wifi-Access

  • Drink voucher: 5 x 35k IDR

  • Healthy Food Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR

  • Focus Room Credit: 10 hours 

  • Meeting Room Access 208: 5 hours 

Guest Room 

Single Bed with Private Bathroom 

  • Wifi

  • ​ Air Conditioning 

  • Hot Shower 

  • ​Safety Box  

Queen Bed with Private Bathroom 

  • Wifi

  • Air Conditioning

  • Hot Shower 

  • Safety Box  

Events That Can Be Organized In A Co-Working Space

World’s best coworking spaces are excellent hubs for networking, innovation, working and much more. However, there are lots of events you can organize in these spaces. 

Here are the top events you can always organize in a coworking space. 

Learn and Lunch Sessions 

Are you thinking of a great way to encourage learning among your team members? Try organizing learns and lunch session. You can schedule such sessions either on a bi-weekly or a monthly basis. This will allow your team members to learn from one another as they enjoy their lunch. 

Ensure you know the topics your teams members have interest in during learn and lunch session. With this, they will be in a position of taking charge of their learning and creating a collaborative environment. 

Organizing learns and lunch sessions help in fostering a knowledge sharing and supportive culture within your firm. 

Speed Networking

Speed networking refers to an efficient and energetic event that provides your members with a great opportunity to connect to the deeper levels.  It is a curated gathering that promotes professional networking and offers folks with a platform where they can network even after the business hours. 

You can spice up speed networking by integrating fun activities like team building exercises, interactive games and scavenger hunts. Such activities will help in creating great interactions and relaxed atmosphere for the staff. 

Game Nights 

Coworking spaces are great places to host game nights. The fun filled evening’s game nights bring help in creating a great opportunity to build and connect a strong community sense. 

It does not matter if the game nights are about a wide board game selection that encourages socializing and creative thinking or team building activities which promotes collaboration. There is always something for every person to enjoy. These sessions help in creating strong bonds among company members. 

Meet and Greets

Organizing regular meet and greet events will help make networking a breeze for your members. The meet and greet events are an excellent opportunity for people to connect and interact with others. One great place you can hold a meet and greet event is in a coworking space. 

Meet and greet events will bring together people who share similar interest and have different complimentary skills to share with one another. Ensure there are beers, snacks and refreshing beverages in such an event. 

Skill Shares

Skill shares helps in expanding your knowledge base as you build strong connections with your work colleagues. It acts as a platform where you can showcase your skills, empower each other and share experiences.  

Collaborating with industry professionals helps in creating a wide range of skill sharing opportunities that will ensure you cater for your members’ interests and needs. Skill shares encourage inclusive learning especially when you let the members create and deliver sessions. Coworking space is a perfect place to hold skill shares. 

Community and Volunteer Days 

It is important to give back to the community by organizing volunteer days or taking part in community events. With this, you will foster fulfillment and pride sense among your members for being part of the great coworking space. 

Community and volunteer days will also create an opportunity for making meaningful difference collectively.  Taking part in volunteer and community days helps in empowering members to contribute in ways that resonate with their interests and passions. 

Fitness and Wellness Events

It is possible to organize fitness and wellness events in coworking spaces to help reduce your members stress and enable them find balance. You can also contract a fitness instructor to carry out workouts to help achieve different fitness goals. 

In case fitness is a top priority for your members, you can proceed and install a gym or have a yoga room within the building. Having an environment that supports the mental and physical well-being of your coworking space members, you will be a step above the rest. 

Holiday Parties 

We all love having great holidays. Try imagining bringing your coworking space members together by organizing a holiday party. Having a holiday party in the coworking space will help create long lasting memories and a sense of community. It will enable people to showcase their culinary skills and enjoy their homemade dishes. 

You can spice up your holiday party by not forgetting the spirit of giving. Can you imagine organizing a secret gift exchange? This will definitely allow members to exchange presents thereby experiencing the joy that comes with giving and receiving. 

Business Mixers

Business mixers refer to great events organized to help individuals make important and great connections. Hosting business mixers at coworking space will enable you to attract a diverse group from skilled sales people, potential business partners to investors and members of business communities. 

Availing refreshing drinks and delicious food during business mixers convention will help encourage casual conversations. 

Product Demo Days

Can you imagine organizing an exclusive and exciting product demo day in a coworking space? This helps in creating a great opportunity to showcase your products and services in an engaging and super immersive environment. Be sure of receiving valuable feedback from industry professionals with potential customers and leaders helping you achieve invaluable input. 

Product demo days in coworking space will also enable your talented members to show their services and products to other like-minded parties. Product demo days help in fostering a supportive and collaborative community in the coworking space. 

Special offers

  • All Day Breakfast: Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day all across the world. At Awan connections, we open our canteen at 8 am. The breakfast menu is full of savory and sweet dishes together with a huge selection of smoothie bowls, juices, drinks, delicious coffee and much more. 

  • Lunch: Lunch starts at 11 am. Awan connection will serve a display menu of Asian and Western meals. You will have over 40 dishes to choose from!

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